Top most listened girlgroup songs on Spotify 2020: BLACKPINK ranks 1st, but this group is surprising

BLACKPINK’s rank is nothing surprising, but the high ranks of a few rookies above their famous seniors is very noticeable.

Recently, the number of listeners on Spotify has been re-statistic and put in a chart of the most popular girlgroup songs in 2020. Compared to Korean music apps, it only reflects the preferences of Korean listeners, Spotify shows the slightly different taste of music of international fans.

Top most listened girlgroup songs on Spotify 2020: BLACKPINK ranks 1st

 It is not surprising that BLACKPINK continues to show the “top” level in the Kpop industry today.  The YG girls completely stood out in the chart, the songs released regardless of the title song or b-side all received great number of listeners.

 Especially How You Like That ranks 1st with an extremely impressive achievement of more than 300 million hits, far from the songs of other girl groups.

 ITZY clearly shows the power of a “monster rookie” when both songs released in the past year, WANNABE and Not Shy, entered the top. The song “WANNABE ” also shows an outstanding achievement when surpassing their JYP senior TWICE and only “losing” to BLACKPINK.

 TWICE still affirmed the position of a top KPOP girlgroup as two hits More & More and I Can’t Stop Me both entered the chart at high ranks.  But obviously this is just an outstanding achievement compared to the common ground, TWICE no longer top the charts as before.

 EVERGLOW is the most surprising name when the girls appear in the top among a series of huge names.  The reason for this, although not achieving high rankings in Korea, but because of the catchy EDM music that EVERGLOW pursues, is extremely suitable for international audiences. Such impressive number of listens is well deserved.

 Although the popularity of BLACKPINK is unquestionable, Knet still cannot help admiring the YG girls’ achievements.  Besides, it is also surprising to Knetz that the names that are not much known in Korea but are extremely prominent in the international arena.

 – Wow! Everglow.

 – Good job BLACKPINK.

 – As expected of BLACKPINK. It is true that noone can’t beat them now.

 – Wow, K/DA?  They are more famous than I thought.

 – The entire album of BLACKPINK is in the top!

 – Wannabe is amazing.

 – Look at TWICE!


 – BLACKPINK is really amazing.

Sources: kenh14

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