The “curse” of YG boy groups: always lose a member after a huge hit

After the departure of 2 TREASURE members, netizens notice a sad trend for YG boy groups.

YG artists have never disappointed the audience, especially when it comes to music and talents. As a result, groups that debuted under YG are always expected to become explosive and release musical hits. Unfortunately, the moment they achieved such a feat, YG boy groups, such as WINNER, iKON, and TREASURE all face the “curse” of member losses.

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YG boy groups all face the “curse” of member losses

Debuted in 2020, YG boy group TREASURE did not immediately manage to wow the public. In 2022, however, their song “Darari” became viral on various platforms and made a deep impression, signaling future successes. Unfortunately, 2 out of 12 members suspended their activities soon after, before leaving the group all together. 

“Darari” is an extremely successful song of TREASURE
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The 12 member lineup that’s extremely special to fans 

In particular, on November 8th, 2022, YG Entertainment announced that Bang Yedam and Mashiho have officially left TREASURE, and the group will resume activities with a 10-member lineup. This left a lot of fans in deep shock, as Bang Yedam and Mashiho are the main vocal and main dancer of the group, respectively, and play important roles. 

Masiho Bang Yedam
Bang Yedam and Mashiho have officially left TREASURE
TREASURE lost 2 important members

On the other hand, iKON’s “Love Scenario” was a huge hit both in and outside of Korea, and is expected to be a big breakthrough for the group. The song was extremely popular, and is expected to bring iKON explosive fame. Unfortunately, the group soon faced a sad departure. 

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iKON’s “Love Scenario” was a huge hit both in and outside of Korea

In particular, the group’s leader and chief producer, B.I, was accused of purchasing and using drugs, and eventually left iKON. Having lost such a crucial presence, iKON struggled for a long time. They managed to stabilize after participating in “Kingdom”, but never achieved the same level of fame they experienced during “Love Scenario”. 

B.I’s departure was a huge blow to iKON
iKON restored their popularity, but have not managed to be as explosive as during “Love Scenario”

WINNER, which officially debuted in 2014, already gained attention after their appearance on the survival program “WIN: Who Is Next?”. At first, they promoted with a 5 member line-up, and won their 1st music show cup within just 5 days with the song “Empty”, enjoying huge successes ever since. In 2016, however, member Nam Taehyun left the group, leading to the current 4-member lineup. 

WINNER won their 1st music show cup 5 days after the release of their first song, “Empty”
Nam Taehyun YG scaled
Nam Taehyun’s departure was a huge shock to fans
WINNER is now active with a 4 member lineup
The group is as popular as ever 

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