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Legendary Comedian Criticized Korean Music Industry, “Actors Get Criticized For Bad Pronunciation, Why Singers Don’t?”

Comedian Lee Kyung-kyu threw criticism at “Amazing Saturday”’s broadcast format.

“Comedy Royals” of the Korean entertainment industry, Lee Kyung-kyu and Lee Chang-ho, appeared as guests in the latest episode of tvN’s entertainment show “Amazing Saturday,” which aired on December 9.

In this episode, Lee Kyung-kyu replied, “I did” when asked if he had seen the program before.

However, he added a straightforward statement, saying, “If an actor cannot deliver his lines, he gets criticized a lot. However, I honestly didn’t understand why the singer couldn’t deliver their songs’ lyrics and a program is made with it.

Don’t they have a producer who makes them record again during the recording process when they can’t sing it right? I came here to say that singers shouldn’t do that (sing the lyrics unclearly),” Lee said, criticizing the music industry.

Meanwhile, “Amazing Saturday” is a cross-generational music entertainment show that has a song lyrics dictation game.

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