Lee Sung-kyung Announces New Project, Showing Her Endless Potential As All-rounder Entertainer

Actress Lee Sung Kyung draws attention by hinting at her new project

On December 4th, YG Entertainment posted a poster on their official SNS with the caption, “LEE SUNG KYOUNG RELEASE POSTER”, to announce the new project the actress is preparing for this year-end.

The poster shows Lee Sung-kyung posing with a soft and elegant aura against the background with a warm tone. In particular, she shows an emotional expression with her deep eyes staring somewhere as if she were immersed in thoughts. Lee Sung-kyung’s unique charm once again captivates netizens.

lee sung kyung

No specific information on her new project has yet to be released, but the public’s expectations are already rising. People are curious about what project Lee Sung-kyung, who has been showcasing outstanding talents in various fields such as dramas, movies and even music, will present this time.

YG said, “You will be able to confirm Lee Sung-kyung’s deep sensibility and endless potential as an all-rounder entertainer”, adding “Please look forward to the content that she will release in the future.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sung-kyung has been greatly loved by the public for her stable acting skills and unrivaled charms in each of the works she participated in. In addition, she is expanding her scope with diverse activities, such as OSTs and music programs.

Source: Wikitree

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