Controversy Surrounds BTS Jungkook’s “3D” Due to Allegedly Degrading Rap Lyrics Targeting Asian Women

The rap lyrics from BTS Jungkook’s recent release “3D. (feat. Jack Harlow)” are criticized for demeaning Asian women

The new single “3D”, marking the collaboration between BTS Jungkook and American rapper Jack Harlow has sparked divided opinions among fans, with some taking issue with the lyrics of the Jack Harlow’s rap verse. 

“3D”, characterized by its catchy remix, quickly gained popularity. The lyrics of “3D” explore love from a more mature perspective, with Jungkook expressing a desire to experience his partner through all the senses. This new direction in his music has been well-received by many fans.

However, the controversy centers on Jack Harlow’s rap verse, which includes lines that read “All my ABGs (Asian Baby Girls) get cute for me/ I had one girl, too boring/ Two girls, that was cool for me/ Three girls, damn, dude’s horny/ Four girls, okay, now you whorin’.” 


These lyrics have been criticized by some listeners who believe that they disrespect women and carry negative connotations when referring to Asian girls. This criticism has been amplified due to the fact that Jungkook is a K-pop idol, and the majority of BTS’ fandom is female.

While some applaud Jungkook for the maturity in his solo music, others are disappointed by the alleged insensitivity in the rap lyrics. 

Source: K14

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