Idol group that asked the owner to give cool drinks to their fans when they came to the restaurant

A story that proved MONSTA X’s huge love for fans was revealed.


On January 13th, MONSTA X’s fan A posted a photo and a short message on her Twitter account.

The released picture showed a photo of MONSTA X Hyungwon along with an orange-flavored soft drink.

A, who visited the restaurant, said, “I think MONSTA X asked the restaurant to give MONBEBE (MONSTA X’s fandom name) if they come.”

MONSTA X Hyungwon

A continued, “The restaurant’s owner said, ‘Those oppas told me to give this to you’.”

Knowing A is a MONBEBE, the restaurant’s owner immediately played MONSTA X songs.

There were many more stories about how MONSTA X showed their love for fans before.


After seeing a fan’s message posted on MONSTA X’s official fancafe asking him to wake her up early in the morning, Ki-hyun commented under that post at exactly 7 A.M, proving his caring aspect for fans.

In addition, when a drunk fan posted a message on fancafe, Ki-hyun continued to express his warm heart by commenting, “Go home quickly and reply to my comment.”

Upon seeing this, netizens gave enthusiastic responses, saying, “This is true love”, “This makes my heart fluttered”, “MONSTA X is the best”

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