3 most controversial K-drama actors of 2022 (ft. Tomorrow, Twenty Five Twenty One)

These 3 actors draw mixed reactions to their acting skills in recent K-dramas. 

Despite starring in some of the most popular K-dramas of 2022, these actors have to deal with negative reviews for their performances. 


Last year, SF9’s Rowoon was highly praised for his portrayal of the bubbly male lead Jiwoon in “The King’s Affection”. However, his acting in the newly released series “Tomorrow” has so far been considered a major disappointment. To some viewers, the idol-actor’s expressions and gestures feel way too exaggerated, completely falling behind his more experienced co-stars. 

Kim So Hyun 

Playing the older version of the female lead Na Hee Do in “Twenty Five Twenty One”, Kim So Hyun’s acting was criticized for being annoying. Compared to Kim Tae Ri’s young Na Hee Do who is bright and positive, Kim So Hyun’s gloomy and tired version just seemed like a completely different character. 

Kim So-hyun
kim so hyun
Twenty five twenty one

Park Ji Hoo

Rookie actress Park Ji Hoo, who played the female lead On Jo in Netflix’s zombie series “All of Us Are Dead” also came under controversy for her acting skills. Her stiff expressions were deemed disappointing compared to the rest of the cast, and it didn’t help that On Jo was a somewhat annoying character. 

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