3 Korean dramas that have unmatching teen and adult versions of the character

Playing the teen-adult version of the same character, but these three pairs of actors have no similarities at all.

1. Kim Tae Ri – Kim So Hyun

In addition to the disappointing ending, Twenty Five, Twenty One also made the audience feel confused with the adult version of Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri). Playing the role of Hee Do when she became a mother, actress Kim So Hyun let the audience down. In addition to her visuals that have nothing to do with Kim Tae Ri, her charisma and acting are also criticized. The audience thinks that the mom version of Hee Do looks so tired and sluggish, the old aura is even gone.

2. Kang Mina – Han Ye Seul

Kang Mina received a lot of hate when taking on Han Ye Seul‘s student version in 20th Century Boy and Girl. Specifically, many people think that the facial features of the 1999-born female idol are too different from senior Ye Seul, especially her monolid eyes. Besides, Kang Mina does not exude the aura of a school goddess that is required in the character.

3. Nam Da Reum – Lee Kwang Soo

Nam Da Reum, who is known as the “national younger brother” with a good appearance, once took on the child version of Lee Kwang Soo in “Entourage” (of course we do not disparage the visual of the “Asian Prince”). Actually, Nam Da Reum is not really the teenage version of Lee Kwang Soo in the drama. Specifically, in “Entourage”, Lee Kwang Soo plays the actor Cha Joon. In the movie that Cha Joon plays, Wang Ho (Nam Da Reum) takes on the younger version of him. Although it’s a bit confusing, in general, looking at the pictures of two people next to each other, it is still unmatching.

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