Lee Min Ho’s management company has officially commented on the rumor about the actor’s relationship with Yeonwoo

The agency also revealed the relationship of Lee Min Ho and his rumored girlfriend – MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo

On August 30, Dispatch released a series of dating photos between Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo (former MOMOLAND‘smember). Accordingly, the couple has been dating for 5 months. This information surprised netizens because for about a year now, Lee Min Ho has always been said to be dating Kim Go Eun.


Dispatch even said that the famous actor invited his girlfriend to his home on the evening of July 31 and waited until 0:00 to celebrate Yeonwoo’s birthday. Previously, the actor drove his girlfriend to see a movie at the cinema late at night. Because Korea still maintains social distancing, the couple often dates at home, as their homes are only a 5-minute walk from each other.

In response to the news, a representative of MYM (Lee Min Ho’s agency) shared with the DongA newspaper, saying “Lee Min-ho and Yeon-woo are just acquaintances, not lovers”. As the result, the public has been left perplexed by MYM’s response. Netizens wondered if they were simply acquaintances, why the couple met up late at night and just the two of them were spotted together, and why the actor invited Yeonwoo to stay the night at his house merely to celebrate the female idol’s birthday.

MYM Entertainment later clarified that the two actors met with mutual acquaintances during a late-night movie watching, not a private date. MYM commented on the paparazzi image, saying, “These are pictures purposely shot as if there were only the two of them together, in fact, there are even mutual acquaintances of the two presented at that time.”

According to a source close to the couple who spoke with Dispatch, “Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo both like watching movies and playing video games. Their common interest has brought them closer together.” Lee Min Ho’s acquaintance also revealed, “Lee Min Ho always frankly in faces his love. He doesn’t like to hide his relationship, so they often go on public dates.”

This revelation by the actor’s friend perplexed the public even more as it was he who was the first to aggressively deny the relationship. Some netizens then assumed that this couple was flirting but not formally in love, so they surrounded themselves with so many acquaintances. In reality, many Korean celebrity couples have hidden their relationships by hanging out with common acquaintances, a strategy that has been openly exposed by several former idols on YouTube.

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