Lee Jong-suk and IU’s Date at a Barbecue Restaurant? Updating Couple Photos

Actor Lee Jong-suk has revealed his current status

On the afternoon of the 31st, Lee Jong-suk shared several photos.

The released photos feature various aspects of Lee Jong-suk, including pictures taken on the set and moments of him enjoying a pleasant time at a restaurant. Lee Jong-suk, known for his small face and exceptional physique, showcases his warm and charming appearance.

lee jong suk

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-suk is currently publicly dating singer and actress IU. Furthermore, he concluded his “2023 Fan Meeting Tour ‘Dear. My With'” on the 21st after the Ho Chi Minh performance. The title of this fan meeting tour, “Dear. My With,” is based on the concept of sending sweet and warm letters to With (Lee Jong-suk’s fan club), reflecting Lee Jong-suk’s affectionate heart, always putting fans first.

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