IU Showed Off Unchanging Beauty Despite Swollen Nose Before MV Filming

Singer and actress IU showed off her beauty even after eating cup noodle the night before her shooting.

On February 22nd, a video titled “[IU TV] ‘Shopper’s US Business Trip With bro” was posted on the YouTube channel ‘IU Official’.


In the video, IU said, “It’s my second day in the United States and I’ve finished my first schedule. I did a jacket shoot on location and missed the dinner” while eating a banana at 10 p.m. “I’m going out early in the morning tomorrow, so I can’t sleep if I eat heavy food now. Because I’m thinking of sleeping at 12 o’clock,” she said.

IU added, “I usually eat as much time as possible before I go to bed, but if I eat before I go to bed, I can’t sleep well and I get up because I feel uncomfortable. So as soon as I finished work, I went to a delicious restaurant around 8 p.m. and ate something like barbecue, or soft tofu soup. But it’s late today so I’ll choose to sleep.”


The next day, IU revealed her bare face. “It’s swollen,” she said, confessing, “I had a cup noodle at dawn last night.” IU was eating ramen with tongs instead of chopsticks. However, IU caught the eye by showing off her unchanging beauty even though she slept after eating a cup noodle the night before.

Source: OSEN

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