A famous first-generation female idol, who used to be called ‘golden spoon’, revealed her sad family story 

Singer Chae Eun-jung, a former member of girl group CLEO, confessed her heartbreaking family story hidden behind her image of a “golden spoon”.

Chae Eun-jung appeared on MBN’s “Special World”, which aired on the afternoon of September 29th, and talked about her life.

Chae Eun-jung said, “I almost debuted as a Fin.K.L member. After Lee Hyo-ri came, Fin.K.L debuted right away. So I tried to look for new opportunities here and there then ended up making my debut in CLEO”.

She confessed, “My father was a plastic surgeon. If you were born and raised in this environment, people would consider you a ‘golden spoon’. However, I had three stepmothers and stopped getting financial support since high school.”

Revealing that she grew up with her grandmother since she was 10 after her mother died and her father went abroad to study, Chae Eun-jung shared, “My father remarried as soon as he returned after finishing his study but divorced less than a year later. For the first time in my life, I felt distrusted and betrayed by my father”.

She said, “His second divorce was even worse than the first time. After then I completely shut the door to my heart. No matter what happened, I have started living alone since then.”

Chae Eun-jung’s third stepmother suggested that she should live independently. It was because she didn’t get along with her father well.

Chae Eun-jung explained, “My third stepmother and I were on good terms, but the relationship between my father and I was not so good. I had a hard time. In the end, I decided to live an independent life”.

Chae Eun-jung, who said she became a singer to oppose her family’s will, confessed, “I received a lot of offers to make a debut as a singer, and I started singing because I needed to do something against my family’s will”.

Chae Eun-jung began to promote herself as a solo artist after leaving CLEO, but the results were not good. Later, she debuted in a multinational girl group in Hong Kong, then returned to Korea in 2017 after spending more than 8 years living abroad. 

Source: wikitree

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