Lee Hye Young Reveals Her Daughter Got a Job at Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Rihanna’s Agency

Lee Hye Young proudly shows off her talented daughter.

On KBS2’s entertainment program ‘Problem Child in the House’ aired on July 5th, Lee Hye Young appeared as a guest and talked about her family.

lee hye young

Lee Hye Young, who remarried a businessman older than her by one year in 2011, responded to the question “When did you decide to get married?“, saying, “My husband had a child. One day, while talking about the child, I saw him struggling to express himself, and I felt that I truly love him.”

She then revealed, “My daughter was born in 1999. We first met when she was around 10-11 years old, during her adolescence.”

lee hye young

When asked by the MCs, “Could you and she talk? Wasn’t it difficult to become close?” Lee Hye Young replied, “She really likes me.”

Lee Hye Young said, “I didn’t emphasize studying to my daughter. I told her to become someone who knows how to enjoy. She was originally a child who didn’t know much about K-pop, but I took her to idol concerts and had her learn dancing from a choreographer,” expressing her affection for her daughter.

lee hye young

She continued, “As a result, my daughter became someone who enjoys herself and dances well. After graduating from a university in the United States, she was hired by the company established by (Beyoncé’s husband) Jay-Z.” 

lee hye young

Lee Hye Young said, “It hasn’t been a few months since she started the job, and she currently works in the marketing department. She said she got a job, but she always posts pictures of concert halls and clubs. I wondered if that was work or play, but it turned out to be work. I thought she taught them dancing.” 

The company where Lee Hye Young’s daughter is currently employed is the American hip-hop label ‘Roc Nation,’ which manages Beyoncé, Rihanna, and others. Rapper Jay Park was also affiliated with this company in the past.

Source: Wikitree

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