BTS Suga, LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans selected in LA Times’ “The 40 best songs of 2023 so far”

3 artists under HYBE Labels, including BTS Suga (Big Hit Music), LE SSERAFIM (Source Music) and NewJeans (Ador), were named on the list of “The 40 best songs of 2023 so far” by “LA Times”.

According to “The 40 best songs of 2023 so far” announced by LA Times on June 19th (local time), BTS Suga’s “Haegeum”, LE SSERAFIM‘s “Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s Wife” and NewJeans‘ “OMG” were included.


“Haegeum” is the title song of Suga’s solo album “D-DAY” released under the stage name Agust D. Shortly after its release, the song topped the iTunes “Top Songs” chart in 86 countries/regions around the world. LA Times said, “Suga dusted off his hardcore hip-hop alias for a double entendre aimed at both K-pop’s insane internet culture and a fed-up, burned-out, stifled generation of South Korean youth.”

“Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s Wife” is a track from LE SSERAFIM’s first full-length album “UNFORGIVEN”. LA Times praised, “Bad Bunny pulled up late to the Jersey club party, and the K-pop quintet LE SSERAFIM had already beat him there.”

le sserafim

In addition, LA Times selected NewJeans’ first single album title song “OMG” as one of the “best songs in the first half of 2023” and praised NewJeans as “one of the best acts to come out of the post-BLACKPINK class of girl groups”. LA Times added, “NewJeans mastered Y2K-era pop/R&B and brought it into the zippy K-pop present. Though still teenagers and not even a year past their July debut, they’re already a new hope for BTS’ label HYBE.”

Source: Daum, LA Times

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