“Attention seekers and lies,” Lee Ha Neul to take legal response against Don Mills who blamed him for his wife’s miscarriage

Lee Ha Neul refuted Don Mills and his wife’s claim.

On Nov 6th, Lee Ha Neul uploaded a post, saying, “Whatever you claimed that I said is only in your own mind. It’s fun because I haven’t done anything since last time? Why are you reacting like this when you are the one spreading false information? Stop being an attention seeker and lying.” 

Lee Ha-neul

Lee Ha Neul then said, “Targeting people with provocative words that can sufficiently destroy anyone like Jung Joon Young, a hidden camera room, and suicide, but only respond with ‘Whatever, I don’t know’ afterward. Also, you claimed that they called you a conditioned girl by editing the word conditioned girl from a different time into your chat log content revealed in your planned article? Whose idea was it? The journalist or you? This is a serious crime too!! And explain this part too… The palm? That thing you said you heard from Sang Gu or whoever, isn’t that just unconfirmed rumors?” he targeted Don Mills.

Lee Ha-neul

At the same time, he also released the Kakao Talk messages he shared with his representative law firm. Lee Ha Neul predicted a legal response to malicious comments, saying, “We are not going to receive letters of apology from those people or whatever.”

Lee Ha-neul

Meanwhile, Bassagong was recently sent on charges of illegally filming his ex-girlfriend A in 2018 and distributing the footage to a group chat room with about 20 of his acquaintances. A is known to be Don Mills’ wife. A explained that she avoided reporting Bassagong’s identity because she was afraid of being known, but Bassagong brought up their story with the keyword “Meeting through DM” on a variety show, due to which she decided to expose him.

On Nov 5th, A said, “A family was destroyed and an innocent child died without being born. Lee Ha Neul’s girlfriend forced me to reveal that I was a victim,” she further revealed.

Source: daum

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