“I was very skinny and weighed 20kg less before my debut”, Lee Guk-joo turns out to be a “dating expert” (Dolsing Fourmen)

Lee Guk-joo appeared on “Dolsing Fourmen” and released a photo of her skinny appearance in the past.

The tension exploded on the October 4th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Dolsing Fourmen”. Jang Young-ran, Lee Guk-joo, and Kim Ho-young appeared as guests on this “Tension God, Tension King” special episode. Kim Ho-young said, “I prepared something to reduce the tension gap”, drawing laughter with her explosive tension.


Revealing that she weighed 20kg less before her debut, Lee Guk-joo shared, “I didn’t date anyone at that time, but had a boyfriend after making my debut. Appearance is not everything”. She added, “We’ve broken up for about half a year”. Kim Ho-young admitted, “Guk-joo is a dating expert.

Lee Guk-joo laughed and said, “It’s very tiring if you gain too much weight. I’m trying to take care of my health and only eat raw fish at night”, adding “Whenever I lose my tension while doing a mukbang show, I look for alcohol that goes well with my mood”.

lee guk joo

When Tak Jae-hoon asked if she was forced to always appear with high tension or whether she felt tired in life, Lee Guk-joo shared, “I get excited as soon as I open the door of my house”, adding “I also act like this when I’m with my family. I spend time alone when I rest but I’ve begun to be careful with others these days”, drawing laughter.

On the broadcast, Kim Joon-ho sang “I met you once, then twice, and just want to see you more~”. At the same time, Kim Ji-min took out a magazine that she appeared as a cover model and bragged about it, revealing that she bought as many as 20 magazines.

lee guk joo

When the members responded enthusiastically “You took those pictures so well” and Kim Joon-ho commented “Because you’re pretty”, Kim Ji-min emphasized, “I’m on the same page as Lee Byung-hun”. Tak Jae-hoon then said, “Why did you film this?”, expressing his envy. Kim Joon-ho said, “I’ll film everything that can become a hot issue”, showing how he has fallen in deep love with his hot girlfriend Kim Ji-min.

Meanwhile, SBS’s entertainment program “Dolsing Fourmen” is a talk show hosted by four men longing for happiness. It airs every Tuesday at 11:10 p.m. 

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