Lee Dong-wook Reveals Similarities With His Character In “Single in Seoul”, “We Like Living Alone”

Having acted as ex-lovers in a drama, Lee Dong-wook and Lim Soo-jung reunited in a real romance movie 

On November 14th, the press conference for the new movie “Single in Seoul” (director Park Bum-soo) was held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance in Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. When asked about his nickname “National’s Ex-boyfriend”, Lee Dong-wook said, “This is the first time I heard it”, adding “Having ex-girlfriends Lim Soo-jung and Esom in this film? I’m so lucky”.

Lee Dong-wook once appeared in a drama as Lim Soo-jung’s ex-boyfriend and now he starred in this movie as Esom’s ex-boyfriend. In this regard, the actor smiled and said, “An ex-boyfriend is just an ex-boyfriend. If he was good, he wouldn’t have been an ex-boyfriend. I guess he’s an ex-boyfriend because he failed in love”. He continued, “The key point is his sentimental and wounded appearance as well as his immersion in the past. I hope the viewers will immerse themselves in the story”.

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Scheduled to premiere on November 29th, “Single in Seoul” depicts the story that takes place when a power influencer who likes to be alone and an editor of a publishing company who hates to be alone publish a book about single life. “Red Carpet (2014)” director Park Bum-soo took the megaphone for this film.

In this movie, Lee Dong-wook takes on the role of Young-ho, a power influencer and essay instructor who enjoys living alone. Regarding his character, Lee Dong-wook said, “His lifestyle resembles my real-life pattern. Like Young-ho, I live alone and have been single for a while. My single life is pretty much the same. I rest, eat what I like, and watch TV whenever I want”. He added, “However, Young-ho thinks people who don’t like living alone are wrong, while I don’t think so.”

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In 2019, Lee Dong-wook made a special appearance as Lim Soo-jung’s ex-boyfriend in the drama “Search WWW”. He shared, “It was a little regretful that I only made a cameo appearance back then. I had a good impression of Lim Soo-jung and I really wanted to act with her again. Luckily, the opportunity quickly came to me.”

He added, “Lim Soo-jung is very a detailed and meticulous actress. She played an important role and the director often asked for her opinions in several scenes. She also helped me a lot. Lim Soo-jung is really a good partner and an amazing actress”.

In response, Lim Soo-jung said, “Lee Dong-wook is an actor with a wide acting spectrum. He’s also good at realistic acting. The actor has a pleasant personality, a relaxed attitude and he’s very flexible.” 

Source: Daum

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