“Crash Landing on You” Lee Kyu-hyung: “Support from Rain and Kim Tae-hee, they say it is more interesting than the original”

Actor Lee Kyu-hyung boasted his strong friendship with Rain and Kim Tae-hee.

Lee Kyu-hyung met with Star News and talked about various things through an interview with the musical “Crash Landing on You” at Shinhan Card Artium in COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Oct 14th.

The musical “Crash Landing on You” is a stage play production of the tvN drama of the same name that recorded the highest viewer rating of 21.7% in 2020. It is the first musical to feature the love story of Yoon Se-ri, a conglomerate heiress who crashed into North Korea after a paragliding accident, and Lee Jung-hyuk, a top North Korean officer who hides, protects and falls in love with her.

Lee Kyu-hyung

Lee Kyu-hyung, who is well-received by the audience for his delicate acting skills, said, “Many of the actors who appeared in the drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ are close friends with me. My acquaintances, including Oh Man-seok, Ko Kyu-pil, and Tang Jun-sang, want to see the musical, but I have been pushing back the date until I become better. I’m going to invite my acquaintances and show them soon,” he said with a smile.

Actress Kim Tae-hee, who worked with him in tvN’s drama “Hi Bye Mama,” also drew attention. This is because it was heartwarming to see him continue this precious friendship even after the work ended.

Lee Kyu-hyung shared, “(The “Hi Bye Mama” team) came to see the musical together. After the performance, we went out to eat together, and senior Rain was also there. (Kim) Tae-hee said that it was more interesting than the original drama.”

Lee Kyu-hyung

As a person who has finished the drama, Tae-hee said she knew the basic development, so the scenes that we expanded into the musical were more interesting and she wanted to come see the show again,” he said, showing off their special friendship.

When asked “Were there any difficulties due to the North Korean dialect?” Lee Kyu-hyung said, “I learned it from a teacher who was a former North Korean military officer in Pyongyang. My teacher emphasized that the main character is very monotone. Supporting actors are in charge of making the scenes more tasteful, so even if they have an accent, the main characters should go with a heavy tone without much change. I keep listening to what my teacher recorded like listening to music before the performance. It was not that difficult because the preparation period was long,” he said.

Lee Kyu-hyung

Lee Kyu-hyung is working hard by steadily combining media acting, musicals, and stage plays. The reason why he refuses to let go of the stage despite his busy schedule is simply because of “affection.”

Lee Kyu-hyung said, “Most management might prefer dramas or movies to musicals,” adding, “I was also told not to perform stage plays when I was at another agency, and I actually had a period of time off from performing on stage.”

Lee Kyu-hyung

The reason why I insist on doing stage play every year is that the stage is so good and fun to me. I think it’s because my MBTI is an “E” and I have good stamina. Even if I play soccer with Tang Jun-sang, I won’t lose. I think I run as much as Son Heung-min last year. I ran 50 times throughout my activities. Fortunately, I think I have good stamina,” he smilingly said.

Finally, Lee Kyu-hyung said, “If you choose to watch our work at the end of this year, you will be able to leave the theater with a pleasant feeling. It would be good to watch with your family, lover, and friends,” he said.

Source: daum

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