The difference between Kim Min Ha’s bed scene with Lee Min Ho and her husband in Pachinko

In episode 5 of Pachinko, Sun Ja (Kim Min Ha) and her husband had their first night, but her emotions were completely different from when she made love with Han Su (Lee Min Ho).

The latest episode of “Pachinko” is receiving a lot of attention from the audience. Immediately, the hot scene between Sun Ja (Kim Min Ha) and her husband in episode 5 was compared with her hot scene with Han Su (Lee Min Ho), which was aired earlier.

Sun Ja and Isak – Understanding and gratitude

In episode 5, the female lead Sun Ja (Kim Min Ha) opened up to Baek Isak after following him to Osaka and interacting with his family. There, Sun Ja and Isak spent the night together and had their first kiss.

Sun Ja expressed her feelings regarding the first moments of stepping foot in a new place in the dark of night. Sun Ja revealed her deep shame and concern that her husband’s family would hate her.


Isak at that time comforted Sun Ja that everything would be fine, his family also loved her very much. Sun Ja mentioned that she is indebted to him and is ready to repay him for the rest of her life.


Sun Ja and Han Su – Intense first love

Surely the audience cannot forget the hot scenes of Han Su and Sun Ja in the first episodes of Pachinko.


Right from the first meeting, the two fell in love and started a relationship. After that, the couple also kissed and made love in the middle of the forest.


Because it was so daring and filled with artistry, the scene generated quite a stir in the media. The most notable detail is Sun Ja‘s tearful kiss after a lengthy period of separation and desire for the person she loved.

Kim Min Ha

Obviously, in the hot scene with Han Su, Sun Ja couldn’t resist, but it wasn’t because she was so weak that she was raped. Many people believe that Sun Ja fell in love and decided to give herself to this man.

It can be said that Sun Ja‘s feelings for Han Su are intense and irreplaceable love. In her relationship with Baek Isak, in addition to love, she also has gratitude and understanding towards him and the attachment of a married couple.

The audience is looking forward to the next episodes of Pachinko. The drama airs every Friday on Apple.

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