Lee Bo-young And Ji Sung, “We Are Not Like Lovers, We Are One Team With One Goal”

Actors Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung, who are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, recently talked about their marriage life

Recently, on the YouTube channel ‘Allure Korea’, a video was posted featuring the famous married couple Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung.

In this video, Lee Bo-young said, “There was no boredom during our relationship. After getting married, it was a little hard to have a baby. At the first time, it was hard, so I think I became a little annoyed without realizing it,” but Ji Sung denied it. The actress continued, “I gave birth to my first child and while I was raising my first child, I had my second. I was so busy.

Lee Bo-young then said about the reason she decided to marry Ji Sung, “I believed he would always be on my side. Even if I did something wrong, he would always say I did well, so I always believed he would be on my side.” Ji Sung then said, “She was a person who gave me strength. She helped and encouraged me to live with courage.”

Ji Sung also asked, “Aren’t we like a boyfriend-girlfriend couple even though we are married?” but Lee Bo-young shook her head firmly. “No,” she said. “We are a team.  I think our goal in life is becoming similar,” she added.

Lee Bo-young said, “It’s nice to meet each other at home after finishing our schedule because we spend a long time apart if we are working on a production.” Ji Sung continued, “If we work, we must be away for a long time, so the person who stays home to raise the kids will wait for the other person.” 

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