Kwon Sang Woo was surprised to see a life-size cutout of him and Lee Hyo Ri from their 2003 underwear CF at a market 

Actor Kwon Sang Woo’s reaction to seeing a life-size cutout from his underwear CF 19 years ago gains attention.

In tvN’s “Take Care Of Me This Week”, which first aired on May 2nd, Kwon Sang Woo appeared as a guest. 


During his visit to Ttukdo Traditional Market to buy ingredients for snacks, Kwon Sang Woo was taken aback when he saw a life-size cardboard cutout of him and Lee Hyo Ri outside an underwear store.

Back in 2003, Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Hyo Ri filmed an underwear commercial together and became the center of attention. 


Seeing this, Kwon Sang Woo got embarrassed and gave a suspicious look to the production crew, saying, “Did you bring it here on purpose?”


Kwon Sang Woo then jokingly said, “Are you doing well, Hyo Ri? I don’t even remember how old we were here,” while looking at the cutout. 

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