Aaron Yan’s victim in leaked sensitive video exposed of offering sexual service

New details of the Aaron Yan (Yan Ya Lun) and Qiu Yao Le’s scandal have emerged.

On June 21, internet celebrity Qiu Yao Le held a press interview to detail the story between him and the famous singe Yan Ya Lun. In the interview, Qiu Yao Le stated he was only 16 when the two started dating. He also said he did not know the singer was dating other people at the time.

When a reporter asked if he consented to being filmed, Qiu Yao Le firmly denied. He said that when Yan Ya Lun picked up his phone and was about to record, the celebrity told him not to and saw Ya Lun put the phone down.

Yan Ya Lun
Yan Ya Lun sobbed in front of reporters

However, according to C-netizens, Qiu Yao Le is not telling the full story. There is a post exposing Yao Le of offering sexual service at a price. The photos include personal information and billing. Netizens are divided in light of the new information. However, most people agree Yan Ya Lun and Qiu Yao Le have a messy personal life. Moreover, they affirm that having sexual intercourse with minors is against the law, and leaking personal video is illegal; hence, Yan Ya Lun ought to be held accountable for his wrongdoings, regardless of the other party’s scandals. Some members of the public speculate it was Yan Ya Lun who was behind the digging of Qiu Yao Le’s past.

Yan Ya Lun

Yan Ya Lun was born in 1985 and is a famous singer and actor in C-biz. He was a member of the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit. He appeared in movies and TV series such as “Marry MY Dead Body,” “It Started with a Kiss,” “Love Buffet,” and “Memories of Love.”

Source: K14

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