Yeo Jin-goo to make a special appearance in the Korean-Singapore joint film “Ajumma”

Actor Yeo Jin-goo will make a special appearance in “Ajumma”, a joint film between Korea and Singapore.

According to Spotv News on March 10th, Yeo Jin-goo will provide support with a special appearance in the movie “Ajumma“.

Ajumma” is a work that tells the story of three people with family needs against the backdrop of Korea and Singapore. Singapore’s famous actress Hong Huifang and Korean actors will work together. Yeo Jin-goo is expected to make an impressive performance as a special appearance in this work.

Yeo Jin-goo

Recently, as global interest in Korean films has been growing, the number of joint films made by Korean actors and foreign directors, stars is gradually increasing, from “Minari” to “Vanishing” which is about to be released. People are focusing on what kind of synergy will be created through the global meeting of “Ajumma“.

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin-goo will appear in tvN’s new drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill“, which is scheduled to air in the first half of this year.

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