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Kwon Eun-bi Denied Dating Rumors With Dex On “Running Man,” Haha Commented, “They Must Have Broken Up”

Kwon Eun-bi denied her dating rumors

Kwon Eun-bi, Joo Hyun-young, and Tsuki appeared as guests in the latest episode of SBS’s entertainment show “Running Man,” which aired on December 17th.

In this episode, in a mission to acquire seed money, Kwon chose Yang Se-chan as her team member. All of the others came to asked her, “Because he looks like Dex?”

Kwon Eun-bi

Earlier, Kwon revealed that she received a DM from Dex in an episode of SBS’s “Thumbnail Battle: The Strongest Hearts.” Dex became a hot sensation after appearing in Netflix’s hit show “Single’s Inferno 2.” He has captured the hearts of women around the world with his charm, so Kwon has become a hot topic of conversation by revealing that she received DMs from him. However, Kwon said that he is just a friend.

“Running Man” members mentioned Yang Se-chan’s nickname as “Fake Dex” to Know Eun-bi, saying, “Is it because he has a face that attracts you?” Kwon covered her mouth with surprise, saying, “I think I chose wrong.”

Before the next mission, she had to choose a partner that a woman wanted. Yang Se-chan, who looks like Dex, expressed confidence, saying, “Okay, since I’m Dex.” Kwon Eun-bi hated it, saying, “I’ll never pick you.” Then, she chose Kim Jong-kook instead of Yang Se-chan. Yang Se-chan was disappointed, asking her to explain why she didn’t choose him. Kwon said, “I’m just friends with Dex.” Upon hearing this, Haha made a joke, saying, “They must have broken up.”

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