Kwon Eun-bi “Change car + Move to new home + Woollim CEO’s iPhone gift”

Singer Kwon Eun-bi revealed that she changed her car recently

On Dec 8th, a video featuring Kwon Eun-bi was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Bam House”.

Regarding the strengths of her agency Woollim Entertainment, Kwon Eun-bi said, “They really love their artists. And they settle payments really well! They’re never late.

BamBam asked, “Now that things are going well this year, how many times more than usual do they pay?” Kwon Eun-bi replied, “It’d be a bit difficult to say… ‘how many times more’. But things have become more abundant, as much as I’ve worked this year. I think I’ll have a very warm Christmas this year. I’ll be warm even if I’m alone.

BamBam got it, saying, “Because you’ll have all that money in your arms? But that’s necessary. If you worked hard but don’t get rewarded, there’d be no joy in working.”

kwon eun bi

Next, when BamBam asked “What have you recently flexed on?“, Kwon Eun-bi shared, “I got a new car! Yesterday!” After hearing the car model, BamBam reacted, “I think it’s so chic when a woman gets out of that car.

As another advantage of Woollim, Kwon Eun-bi mentioned, “The CEO gave me the latest iPhone for my birthday this year.” She also announced, “I’ll move to a new home soon.”

BamBam commented, “Wow, she’s changing everything. During the last ‘Bam House’, some of us planned to get together here. The other person came a little late. That day, we had a real conversation for the first time. At the time, I thought, ‘Oh, I kind of like her.’ How should I say this? You always spit out a lot of comments. So I thought you just blurted things before thinking about it. But as we talked, you had some profound thoughts. And you had a healthy mindset.”

kwon eun bi

Responding to BamBam’s statement that they really looked like siblings in the “Maebjjiri” content, Kwon Eun-bi said, “We have that kind of energy. BamBam was a good, adorable younger brother.”

Regarding flirting, Kwon Eun-bi stated, “I don’t mind it.” When asked if she feels her popularity, she humbly replied, “No. I feel like it’s so-so.”

When BamBam asked “Can you ask someone out first?“, Kwon Eun-bi answered, “I’ve never done it before, so I think it would be difficult. I’ve never asked anyone out.” She added, “I get embarrassed and am more shy than you’d think.

Source: Nate

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