Korean idols spending their youth just to count the number of seconds they sing

Many fans get angry for the inequity their idols are suffering from, since these idols can only sing very little in group’s released songs.

1. Lai Kuan Lin (Wanna One)

Right after debut, fans were extremely angry because Lai Kuan Lin was always treated unfairly. He was given the fewest singing part in the group and showed up only a few seconds in MVs. In the latest song – Light, Lai Kuan Lin sings for 7.7 seconds, accounting for 4% of the song.

In the song Boomerang, Lai Kuan Lin’s rap part is about 4 seconds, including 10 words and his appearance in the MV lasts for about 10 seconds. Fans always have to stretch out their eyes to look for their idols in the MV.

2. Jeong Yeon (Twice)

Fans commonly know that Twice members often receive negative comments about singing, being unable to sing live and uneven lyrics distribution. In HEART SHAKER, Jeong Yeon’s singing part is even fewer than Tzuyu’s who only acts as the group’s visual and sub vocal. Jeong Yeon is one of the rare members recognized as having a unique voice with the ability to sing live well but she gets too little lyrics distribution, there is no “land” for her to promote herself.

Jeong Yeon sings well but her talent is forgotten.

Fans concluded that Jeong Yeon only sings 9 to 10 seconds per song, even though she is the main vocal beside Na Yeon and Ji Hyo. There is a lot of criticism towards JYP for over pushing Na Yeon, who is always given the long and killing singing parts in the songs.

3. Yuta (NCT)

NCT 127 is a good-looking boy group from SM with nine members, but just some members are mainly promoted such as Tae Yong, Mark … In the song Limitless, the fans were very confused to find out that the Japanese member Yuta just sang exactly … 2 seconds. Even NCT fans criticized SM for being too biased to some members while forgetting the others in the group.

Fans regret because Yuta has a warm tone in his vocal.

4. Se Hun (EXO)

Se Hun is the member possessing the best visual in EXO but when performing with the group, he seems to be less outstanding. This is because this male singer sings too little, his rap part is not much, even in the ballad, Se Hun is only given one sentence of lyrics. Because of this, the member is criticized as an untalented idol who only has visual.

As a result, the fans themselves comfort one another that only a few second listening to Se Hun’s voice is emotional enough as this is really a rare chance.

Fan screamed when Se Hun sang his one-sentence lyrics

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