Ji Seok-jin shares, “I once met BTS Jin privately and he paid for the meal”… Jin responds, “The most expensive bill for drinks I’ve ever paid” (Running Man)

Ji Seok-jin revealed his friendship with BTS’ Jin.

ji suk jin bts jin

On the 28th, on YouTube ‘SBS NOW / SBS Official Channel’, a video titled ‘[Pre-release] Meeting of BTS Seokjin (Jin) and Running Man (Jee) Seokjin’ was released.

ji suk jin bts jin

In the video, Ji Seok-jin said about meeting Jin in ‘Running Man’, saying, “A long-time dream, longing, and hope. I want to say that it has been accomplished as of today,” he said. Jin said, “I wanted to go on Running Man for several years, but it was so sad that I couldn’t go out because I didn’t have a chance. I am also thankful to the hyungs who said ok because I was able to come out on Running Man as I released a song.”

ji suk jin bts jin

In addition, Jin picked Ji Suk-jin as the member he wanted to see the most in ‘Running Man’ and revealed their relationship, saying, “You are the first oneI met in private among the Running Man members.” Ji Suk-jin said, “I met him in private. Thankfully, Jin paid for it at that time,” he laughed. Jin said, “It was expensive. I’ve never seen such an expensive drink,” he said, making everyone laugh.

Other than that, he said, “I wanted to see Haha hyung. I was watching YouTube, and Haha hyung played my favorite game a few months ago.”

bts jin

Ji Seok-jin said, “A few years ago, BTS members appeared. Jin approached me first and said, ‘My name is Seokjin, too.’ He’s an incredible star. He sometimes calls me and sends me pictures when I’m abroad. I’m always grateful.”

ji suk jin bts jin

Source: Nate

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