“Hopeless” Unveils Still Cuts Of Song Joong-ki’s Muscular Back With Injuries And Synergy With Other Actors

“Hopeless” heralds an intense noir story through new press still cuts of the characters

On September 21st, the production team of “Hopeless” (director Kim Chang-hoon), the film that drew keen attention at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, released impactful visual press still cuts hinting at the characters’ deep emotions.

song joong ki

“Hopeless” is a noir film about a boy named Yeon-gyu (Hong Xa-bin), who wants to escape from his hellish reality, meets the middle boss of a local gang Chi-geon (Song Joong Ki) and gets involved in the world of crime.

The new press still cuts this time fans’ attention as they herald a noir movie with the darkest sensibility this fall. Hong Xa-bin impresses viewers with his portrayal of Yeon-gyu, who has complex inner thoughts, through shaky eyes and a rough appearance in survival. 

song joong ki

Song Joong-ki’s still image raises fans’ expectations for a completely new acting transformation, from an outlook that he has never shown before and a cool face that is hard to guess what he is thinking inside. In particular, Song Joong-ki reportedly went through intense training throughout the filming period to build a solid physique that could show the life of someone who struggles to survive and added wound and injury makeup all over his body to become the character himself. 

Kim Hyung-seo (BIBI) also expresses the firm eyes of the blunt girl Ha-yan, who is not easily shaken by the harsh reality and tries to protect Yeon-gyu.


There is also a picture showing the three characters with different expressions. While Yeon-gyu looks anxious, Chi-geon tries to lead Yeon-gyu to his world, and Ha-yan steps forward to protect Yeon-gyu. The fierce atmosphere between the three stimulates viewers’ curiosity about the story they will tell. 

In addition, “Hopeless” production team also revealed images of other characters, such as Seung-mu (Jung Jae-kwang), who is in the same gang as Chi-geon and keeps an eye on Yeon-gyu, as well as Jung-beom (Kim Jong-su), the ruthless boss of the gang, with overwhelming aura, signaling a breathtaking survival.

song joong ki

As such, “Hopeless” is expected to captivate audiences in cinemas this fall. It is scheduled to premiere on October 11th.

Source: Daum

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