“Even newborns don’t sleep like that”… Han Ga-in’s unrelenting revelations (?) exploded

Han Ga-in appeared as a radio special DJ and boasted her volubility.

Han Ga-in-Yeon Jeong-hoon

Han Ga-in appeared as a special DJ on SBS Power FM’s “Park So-hyun’s Love Game” on April 4th on behalf of DJ Park So-hyun, who was absent due to COVID-19.

On this day, Han Ga-in smilingly said, “I listen to ‘Love Game’ every day while driving my children to school. Yeon Jung-hoon seems to be watching the children now.”

In the third part, Kim Sang-hyuk and Lee Eun-ji appeared as guests and had a talk under the theme of “When you hate seeing something”.

To the question “When you don’t want to see Yeon Jung-hoon”, Han Ga-in replied, “When he sleeps.” She made everyone burst into laughter by adding, “I hate seeing him whenever he sleeps late. Yeon Jung-hoon stays up late. Even newborns don’t sleep like that.”

Han Ga-in-Park So-hyun's Love Game

When Lee Eun-ji said “I think Yeon Jung-hoon will read books at home for some reason”, Han Ga-in continued to cause laughter as she shared, “He doesn’t read books at all. I don’t think he likes reading books that much.”

She introduced the daily life of a real couple, “Yeon Jung-hoon doesn’t even work out. He mainly plays with the kids. He tends to be a stay-at-home dad and plays with toys.”

In response to the story “I don’t want to see my wife drop cookie crumbs in my car”, Han Ga-in agreed, “Men don’t seem to like their car getting dirty. As for me, I’ll keep eating (snacks). I just need to wipe it again.”

When Lee Eun-ji said “Yeon Jung-hoon is being mentioned a lot today. But it’s nice to see his friendly side”, Han Ga-in made the studio into a sea of laughter as she continued to expose Yeon Jung-hoon, “He’s been mentioned a lot on broadcasts recently. I’m sorry, my husband. My husband steals my red ginseng these days. He said stolen red ginseng is more delicious.”

Han Ga-in-Yeon Jeong-hoon

Meanwhile, SBS Power FM’s “Park So-hyun’s Love Game” airs every day at 6 PM.

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