“King the Land” Lee Jun Ho and Yoona Share Sweet Kisses: “You Can Be More Greedy” 

Lee Jun Ho and Yoona showcase a pink romance in “King the Land” latest episode.

Episode 10 of JTBC’s weekend drama “King the Land,” which aired on July 16th depicts the overseas travel story of King Hotel’s branch manager Gu Won (Lee Jun Ho), and the top employee of King Group, Cheon Sarang (Yoona).

Gu Won was sitting alone at the business class, but he wanted to see Cheon Sarang so he gave up his comfortable seat to sit next to her. Gu Won whispered to Cheon Sarang, “I’ve found my place. The seat next to you is originally mine,” and the two secretly enjoyed their romantic relationship by wearing a secret couple ring without their friends knowing.

Later, Gu Won and Cheon Sarang escaped when everyone else was asleep and spent some time alone together. Finally having their own time, they shared sweet kisses while telling each other, “We’ve been together all day.”

While enjoying a happy date with Gu Won, Cheon Sarang expressed her feelings, “I never asked for anything since I was young. I was afraid that if I became greedy, I would lose something precious. But I keep getting greedy. I’m so happy to the point where I wonder if it’s okay to be this happy.”

To this, Gu Won told Cheon Sarang, “You can be more greedy. Be greedy for the things you want, the things you desire, and the things you want to become. Live your life by being greedy. It’s alright.

On this day, Goo Won brought up his painful past to Cheon Sa Rang, saying that his mother disappeared without saying anything. He then said, “I cried and looked for her, but everyone else was laughing. I thought all the smiling faces were fake. However, Cheon Sa Rang appeared in front of me with a real face.”

Cheon Sa Rang sympathized with Goo Won’s sadness, “Do you still not know where your mother is?”  Goo Won confessed, “I don’t know. No matter how much I look for her, there’s no trace. She’s like a person who didn’t exist from the beginning.”

Cheon Sa Rang and Goo Won hugged each other and said, “Thank you for coming to me.”

After that, they confirmed each other’s feelings once again and kissed one more time.

Meanwhile, the preview released at the end of the broadcast showed a meaningful conversation between Goo Il Hoon (Son Byung Ho) and Goo Hwa Ran (Kim Seon Young), “Are you going to stand it like this?” Besides, Cheon Sa Rang’s line whispering to Goo Won “Did you ask about your mother? You seem to know something” aroused curiosity.

Source: Nate

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