BLACKPINK Lisa will make her debut solo on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Lisa will be the second Kpop soloist to make a debut on this famous show.

Lisa’s solo debut day is getting closer and closer, making fans more excited than ever. A series of content such as posters, teaser videos have been made public by YG to pave the way for Lisa’s first single album as a solo singer. 

On the evening of September 3, the BLACKPINK maknae made headlines again when confirming that she will have a debut stage at the famous American TV show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on September 11 (KST). This revelation quickly piqued the interest of not just BLINKs but also the Kpop fan community as Lisa will be the second Kpop soloist to make a debut on this show after Rosé, another BLACKPINK member.

Accordingly, at 10 am KST on September 10, Lisa will hold an online media showcase. 2 hours later, she will have a countdown live to join fans in waiting for the release of the debut MV at 1 pm KST.

At 12:45 am on September 11 (KST), Lisa will appear on the Jimmy Fallon Show. Then at 7 pm on the same day, Lisa will have an interview on Woody (a Thai TV show) to interact with the audience in her home country.

On September 14, the BLACKPINK maknae will have a stage on OUT NOW, a special show of NAVER to introduce new songs. 

And then, on September 18, the BLACKPINK member will have two fansigns held by yg select and ktown.

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