Lee Ji Ah makes new acting challenge as a divorced woman in upcoming drama not written by Kim Soon Ok

Actress Lee Ji Ah heralds a new transformation in upcoming drama after getting criticized for her acting in “Pandora”.

JTBC recently announced the lineup of the new drama “I Will Go Until the End”. Accordingly, Lee Ji Ah has been selected as the female lead and would act alongside Kang Ki Young. 

“I Will Go Until the End” depicts the process of a top divorce mediator interfering with problematic marriages of clients on behalf of them.

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Lee Ji Ah plays the role of Kim Sa Ra, the team leader of the divorce resolution firm called “Solution”. Kim Sa Ra was the daughter-in-law of Korea’s top law firm owner but she lost everything overnight due to her husband’s betrayal. After then, she lives as a divorce mediator, who punishes bad spouses and provides solutions to those who complain about marriage. 

Kim Sa Ra will team up with Dong Ki Joon (Kang Ki Young), a consulting lawyer from “Solution”, to resolve the cases of their clients one by one. In the process, subtle feelings of love arise between them.

lee ji ah

For the first time in five years, Lee Ji Ah decided to star in a drama that is not written by Kim Soon Ok. The actress continuously worked with Kim Soon Ok on all three seasons of the “Penthouse” series and then “Pandora” (2020). 

The “Penthouse” series gained syndrome-level popularity with ratings reaching 30% although it sparked various controversies, such as excessive sensationalism, violence, and provocative elements. The drama series faced criticism for using racial discrimination incident footage and glorifying suicide.

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If “The Penthouse” made a big hit despite receiving mixed reviews, “Pandora” ended as a failure of Kim Soon Ok due to its nonsense developments. In particular, female lead Lee Ji Ah lost 6kg for her character as a murder weapon, but her expressionless face resulted in criticism and controversy over her acting performance. Even in situations where she had to portray confusion, anger, sadness, and other intense emotions, Lee Ji Ah consistently maintained an emotionless expression.

Lee Ji Ah has experienced both the sweetness of success with “The Penthouse” and the bitter taste due to the failure of “Pandora”.  As she decided to part ways with Kim Soon Ok and is returning with a more realistic drama, fans are looking forward to seeing whether she could erase all the controversies over her acting skills.

Source: Naver

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