Kim Yuna, Lim Ji-yeon: Korean Goddesses Who Maintain Their Love Relationship During Partner’s Enlistment

Former figure skater Kim Yuna and actress Lim Ji-yeon patiently await their husband and lover in the military.

In the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s “Importal Songs: Sing the Legend,” which aired on February 24th, Forestella, a 4-member pop-opera group appeared as a trio without member Ko Woo-rim, who is serving in the military.

MC Kim Joon-hyun mentioned Ko Woo-rim’s absence, saying, “It’s the first competition you participate in with just the three of you,” and Lee Chan-won asked, “Was there a moment when you can feel the emptiness left by Ko Woo-rim while preparing for the performance?

In response, Forestella members nodded, “We feel that very much.” Lim Han-byeol then indirectly mentioned Ko Woo-rim’s wife, legendary figure skater Kim Yuna, saying, “How about your sister-in-law…?

Kim yuna go Woorim

The Forestella members responded, “She’s too expensive (for us to be able to mention),” making everyone laugh.

Ko Woo-rim and Kim Yuna got married in October 2022. They met at the 2018 All That Skate Ice Show and became a couple. Kim Yuna had to wait for 2 years as Ko Woo-rim joined the military in November last year, a year after their marriage.

Lim Ji-yeon, who is in a relationship with actor Lee Do-hyun, has also drawn attention recently. The two appeared in the Netflix series “The Glory” and became a couple after admitting their relationship in April last year.

lee do hyun-lim ji yeon

Lim Ji-yeon, born in 1990, and Lee Do-hyun, born in 1995, are a couple of five years difference in age. Lee Do-hyun joined the military in August last year, four months after their dating news. Lim Ji-yeon is patiently waiting for Lee Do-hyun while her boyfriend continues his military career in an Air Force military band.

Lee Do-hyun’s big screen debut “Exhuma” (directed by Jang Jae-hyun) was released on the 22nd, but Lee Do-hyun could not participate in the film promotion schedule in person. Lee Do-hyun said hello to the audience and encouraged them to watch “Exhuma” with a video he filmed before joining the military.

sweet home

Lim and Lee have recently been seen enjoying a brunch date without being conscious of the eyes around them. It is believed that Lim Ji-yeon’s photo of the food she posted on her SNS was taken at a restaurant she visited for a date with Lee Do-hyun. It seems that the two went on a vacation and are still dating affectionately.

Source: Xsports News

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