Kim Yuna and Ko Woorim revealed wedding invitations… “Together Longer”

Kim Yuna and Ko Woorim promised a happy future with their upcoming wedding 

On the 21st, the JTBC Entertainment News team exclusively obtained the wedding invitations of Kim Yuna and Ko Woorim. The wedding of Kim Yuna and Ko Woorim will be held on October 22nd at a certain venue in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Kim Yuna Go Woorim

The wedding invitation contains images of Kim Yuna and Ko Woorim standing side by side and  holding hands on a green field. Kim Yuna is dressed in a yellow dress and Ko Woorim in a gray suit, exuding gentle visuals. 

Along with this, the couple wrote, “I would be grateful if you could accompany me and bless me on the first road that we want to go longer and farther together.”

kim yuna ko woo rim

Kim Yuna and Ko Woorim first met at the “All That Skate” Ice Show in 2018 and developed into lovers. After that, in July of this year, Ko Woorim’s agency, Beat Interactive, said, “Ko Woorim is getting married to Kim Yuna in October. After three years of dating, their love has come to fruition.”

Kim Yuna is a figure skater representing Korea. She won a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where she became the first woman to achieve a Grand Slam in four major international competitions. She has been focusing on nurturing her juniors after she officially retired as an athlete in 2014 when she finished her “All That Skate Ice Show”.

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Born in 1995, the now 27-year-old Ko Woorim graduated from the Department of Vocal Music at Seoul National University and is currently attending the graduate school of Seoul National University. Since 2017, he has been communicating closely with the public as a member of the crossover male quartet vocal group Forestella, who won the JTBC program “Phantom Singer 2”.

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