“Kim Yu-na rumored to have gifted us a house as big as a palace?”… The truth has been revealed by Go Woo-rim’s parents

Go Woo-rim’s parents expressed a clear and firm position on the recent rumors surrounding their soon-to-be daughter-in-law Kim Yu-na.

Woman Chosun reported an exclusive interview conducted with the parents of vocalist Go Woo-rim on August 23rd. Go Woo-rim’s father Go Kyung-soo is known to have been a paster in Daegu for a long time.

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Go Woo-rim’s parents revealed their position on the rumor that is spreading rapidly on many online pages and communities, including Youtube. It was the rumor that Kim Yu-na, who is about to become their daughter-in-law, bought Go Woo-rim’s parents a house said to be as large as a palace.

Go Woo-rim’s mother said to Woman Chosun, “The church is also rented. There is no house under our name. I heard some people say Yu-na bought a palace-scale house for us but it was not true at all. We were going to buy a house before my son got married but we missed the timing. In case someone may say that she would buy a house for us after getting married, I’m saying that we will just be living as we’re now.”

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She added, “All the donations for the church were spent on the church activities and we’ve never thought about making it bigger. The pastor (Go Woo-rim’s father) is a thorough person when it comes to things about the church and God also gave us just as much as we needed.”

Pastor Go Kyung-soo, Go Woo-rim’s father, also said, “My child was very upset because a story that is not true spread on Youtube as if it was a fact. My child was sad and that made me feel so heartbreaking.”

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Meanwhile, Kim Yu-na has been dating singer Go Woo-rim, who is 5 years younger than her, for three years and the two will get married on October 22nd. 

Kim Yu-na was born in 1990 and Go Woo-rim was born in 1995. Go Woo-rim graduated from the Department of Vocal Music at Seoul National University. Appearing in JTBC’s audition program “Phantom Singer Season 2”, which was to form a vocal quartet, in 2017, Go Woo-rim is carrying out various music activities.

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Last month, some netizens raised the rumor of Kim Yu-na’s premarital pregnancy but her agency All That Sports denied it. 

Source: wikitree

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