Lee Kang-in Releases Apology For Injuring Son Heung-min In A Fight Before Asian Cup Semifinal

Footballer Lee Kang-in apologized for initiating a fight with leader Son Heung-min and caused an injury

On February 14th, Lee Kang-in released an apology on his Instagram Story, saying “There have been articles about having a fight with Son Heung-min ahead of the recent Asian Cup semifinal. I’m very sorry for disappointing football fans who have always supported the Korean national team”.

He continued, “I should have listened to what the seniors had said and followed them. I have shown such a bad side in front of football fans. I would like to apologize to many people who have been disappointed by me.”

Lastly, he said, “I’m well aware of the high interest and expectations that football fans have for me. I will try to help the seniors and become a better player and a better person in the future”.

Earlier before the Asian Cup Semifinal, it was reported that the Korean national football team had a gathering. As Lee Kang-in and some junior players hurriedly finished the meal to play table tennis, Son Heung-min came to talk to Lee Kang-in. 

During the process, Lee Kang-in reportedly initiated a fight with Son Heung-min, causing chaos and injuring the leader’s finger.

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