LE SSERAFIM Huh Yun Jin, “If I were born again, I want to be Sakura. She’s really cool”

LE SSERAFIM Huh Yun Jin talked about fashion and expressed affection for the members.

On December 3rd, a video titled “A doll is talking…? She can also sing well… A video of Huh Yun Jin that will give you a heart attack” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “COSMOPOLITAN Korea”.

le sserafim huh yunjin

Regarding the reason she likes stripe patterns, Huh Yun Jin said, “I think there is no reason. I just naturally like it. When I was still in the U.S., I often went shopping with my friends, and I bought striped-patterned clothes every time. My mom always complained about that when I came home. From then on, I realized that I especially like stripe patterns.”

She continued, “Although it’s not a stripe one, I recently bought an oversize turtleneck knit shirt. For the first time, I gave up on a striped sweatshirt and bought a knit one”, adding “I personally like to look natural. Even when I dress up, it still looks casual. I like that kind of feeling. I wore such a colorful outfit today and I liked it. Maybe I should expand my closet in the future.”

le sserafim huh yunjin

As for her fashion role model, Huh Yun Jin said, “This is the first time I reveal this. I really like Bella Hadid. She looks so retro, sophisticated, and natural. I like her unisex style, and she dresses up so well. Maybe it’s because I like the vintage vibe.”

le sserafim huh yunjin

Revealing that the outfits for LE SSERAFIM’s 2nd album were better than that of the 1st album, Huh Yun Jin shared, “I like both styles. I personally think I made a drastic transformation. It was my first time bleaching my hair, and I felt upgraded.”

Referring to her beautiful selfies, she said, “Fans told me that I took pretty selfies. Thank you for calling me a ‘selfie master’. I try many different angles and often do the lips pouting pose.”

le sserafim huh yunjin

Huh Yun Jin also revealed how she saved the members’ numbers on her phone. She said, “I name Sakura unnie in a simple way, just ‘Kkura unnie’. Chae Won unnie is ‘Chaechae jjang’. Zuha (Kazuha) is ‘Kang Ju Ha’. Eun Chae is ‘Manchae’. Kang Joo Ha is the Korean name I gave her (Kazuha).”

Revealing the moment she felt thankful to the members, Huh Yun Jin said, “I recently had to take quarantine due to Corona. I stayed at our dorm and missed the members so much while watching them perform. That’s why I kept sending ‘I miss you all so much’ in the group chat. The members also held my picture and waved it in front of the camera. I was really touched. LE SSERAFIM members always care for each other and I love that.”

le sserafim huh yunjin

However, as for the things that upset her, Huh Yun Jin said, “Almost nothing. Kkura unnie made lots of bungeoppang (fish-shaped bread) in her program. I was a little disappointed because 4 members ate them all when I was in quarantine. But they said, ‘let’s eat it together later when we have time”.

When asked if she had a chance to be reborn, Huh Yun Jin said, “I’m curious about the members’ thoughts. I want to be born again as Kkura unnie. I think I can learn many things from her experiences and her way of thinking is really cool. I want to try living like her once.”

Source: Nate

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