Famous girl group member investigated as her ex-boyfriend charged with coin fraud 

A member of a famous girl group was investigated as a reference in connection with the allegations of coin fraud by her ex-boyfriend.

According to a media outlet on February 20th, A, a member of a popular girl group, was recently investigated as a reference in connection with the alleged coin fraud by her ex-boyfriend, exhibition planner B.


When they were dating, the two did a collaborative project from 2019, but broke up in 2021. B is the grandson of the founder of a local construction company.

The media said, “B issued a coin linked to art works, but the prosecution suspects that some of the information that is the premise of this coin’s transaction was mixed, and that B and other issuers intentionally distributed false information. They are also under investigation for handing over money to the exchange through a broker when the coin was listed at the time.

Source: Nate

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