Fierce chart war between IU, BIBI and TWS

A fierce chart battle is unfolding. IU, BIBI and rookie group TWS are the main protagonists. They are climbing up and down the ranks on major music charts such as Melon, Genie and Bugs, continuing their intense competition

IU pre-released the track “Love wins all” from her 6th mini album “The Winning” on Jan 24th at 6 PM.

“Love wins all” quickly rose to the top of real-time charts on major music platforms such as Melon, Genie and Bugs within an hour of its release. Particularly on Melon, it also reached the top spot on the main chart “TOP100”. Despite IU’s various new song releases as of Feb 23rd, this song has firmly maintained its position at the top.


Following this momentum, IU released her entire 6th mini album on Feb 20th. The album includes five tracks, including the double title tracks “Shopper” and “Holssi” as well as the track “Love wins all”.

“Shopper” achieved real-time chart 1st place on Melon within an hour of its release and ranked 4th on the “TOP100” chart. On Genie, it ranked 4th in real-time, and on Bugs, it reached 1st place in real-time. “Holssi” entered the real-time chart at 3rd place after its release and ranked 7th on the “TOP100” chart. On Genie, it ranked 6th in real-time, and on Bugs, it reached 2nd place in real-time.

BIBI released her single album “Bam Yang Gang” on Feb 13th.


“Bam Yang Gang” entered the Melon “TOP100” chart at 98th place upon its release on Feb 13th. However, it gradually gained popularity, reaching as high as 47th place on Feb 14th, and eventually settling at the 2nd place as of Feb 20th. It is also competing for 1st and 2nd place on other charts like Genie and Bugs against IU and TWS.

The addictive melody and catchy lyrics make “Bam Yang Gang” an appealing song. The lyrics “Sweet, oh sweet, the sweet chestnut red bean jelly / The one delight I’ve always longed to savor. That sweet, sweet chestnut red bean jelly” are particularly charming. BIBI’s unique and sweet voice adds to the synergy.

BIBI captivated audiences with her performances of “Bam Yang Gang” on MBC’s variety show “Radio Star” and the YouTube platform “Dingo”. The videos gained attention, and with the addition of music broadcasts, the popularity continued to rise. Furthermore, singers like Lee Hyori and (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon participating in the “Bam Yang Gang” challenge added to the excitement.

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TWS attracted attention as Seventeen’s younger brother group even before their debut. They debuted in the music industry with their first mini album “Sparkling Blue” on Jan 22nd. The title track “Plot Twist” from “Sparkling Blue” quickly achieved a triple crown on music shows despite being their debut song.

The song entered the Melon “TOP100” chart at 97th place on Jan 28th and steadily rose to the 30th place on Feb 2nd. Since Feb 13th, it has been going back and forth between 2nd and 3rd place. It is also fiercely competing within the top 5 ranks on other charts like Genie and Bugs.

These artists continue to capture the hearts of the public with their natural and friendly musical styles, known as Boyhood Pop. As a result, they won first place two weeks in a row on MBC M’s music program “Show! Champion” and received the first place trophy on SBS M·SBS FiL’s music program “The Show”.

With “Bam Yang Gang” and “Plot Twist” ranking high on charts thanks to word of mouth, and with IU’s new songs, their battle on the music charts is expected to be very fierce. Attention is drawn to what records IU, BIBI and TWS will set in the future.

Source: Daum

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