Kim Myung Soo and Choi Jin Hyuk become frenemies in MBC’s “Numbers” 

The audience is eager to see how Kim Myung Soo and Choi Jin Hyuk’s relationship will play out in the drama.

Kim Myung Soo, a former member of INFINITE, officially returns to the small screen in MBC’s “Numbers.” He will star alongside Choi Jin Hyuk. The complex relationship between the male leads and the stormy paths they will take, with or without each other, promises to be a delight to its viewers. 

Kim Myung Soo

In the series, Kim Myung Soo plays Jang Ho Woo – the youngest accountant of the Taeil Accounting Firm. Despite only having a high-school diploma, he is recruited by the firm thanks to his extraordinary calculation skills and unusual sharpness to numbers. In stark contrast to Ho Woo’s bright image is the unpredictable and often pondering Han Seung Jo (Choi Jin Hyuk.) He is the son of Vice President Han Je Kyoon and a senior accountant at the Firm.


The differences in age, education, and personality hint at an intense rivalry between the two. It adds more tension when Ho Woo’s entry into the company is just the start of a more complex scheme to follow Han Je Kyoon and expose the Firm’s deep, dark secrets.

Being on two opposite sides, nonetheless, director Kim Chil Bong teased that they can join forces to advance the same cause, depending on each situation. The complexity promises to bring more mystery and raise the audience’s curiosity.


At the same time, Myung Soo draws attention with a youthful appearance at the age of 30. Compared to his visual before his military enlistment or even his debut with INFINITE, Kim Myung Soo almost does not age a day in more than a decade. In contrast, Jin Hyuk’s angular features and firm build convey an image of a strong character with many thoughts and unpredictability. Actor Choi has acted in action genre as morally grey characters that walk between the line before; he previously appeared in the 2019 “Justice.”


Prior to the drama’s broadcast, writers Jung An and Oh Hye Seok revealed they acknowledged the growing concerns about a drama heavy on numerical work. However, they affirmed that the focus is on the people who process them rather than the numbers per se. It is the events and complex emotions of accountants that make the drama special, according to the writers.


The drama also gathers MOMOLAND Yeonwoo, Choi Min Soo, and Bae Hae Sun. “Numbers” will air every Friday and Saturday on MBC.

Source: K14  

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