Park Min Young clarifies dating rumors with rich businessman but the public is not convinced 

The public turns their back on the unclear explanation of Park Min Young’s agency. 

Through her agency, actress Park Min Young has clarified the rumors that she is romantically involved with Kang Jong Hyun, the chairman of Bithumb Holdings. Park Min Young said she has broken up with Kang and received no financial support from him. However, it looks like her image has already been tarnished.

Park Min Young

Specifically, on September 28th, Dispatch reported that Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun have been dating for over a year.

Dispatch added, “Kang started a cell phone sales business with his father in 2010 and was sentenced to probation for being caught up in a fraud case between 2013 and 2014. Since then, he has issued private equity bonds worth 40 billion won against a financial company, of which 10 billion won has not been recovered. With this capital, he took over Vident, Inbiogen, and Bucket Studio in August 2020 through his sister Kang Ji Yeon.” 

On September 29th, the second day of the dating rumor, SBS Entertainment News reported that Park Min Young’s older sister was listed as an outside director in one of the companies suspected of being owned by Kang. 

Park Min Young’s agency, Hook Entertainment, released an official response on September 29th, two days after the dating rumor surfaced. The agency said, “First of all, Park Min Young has broken up with the individual in the dating rumor.”

Park Min-young

In addition, regarding the financial provision that was the most problematic part of the dating rumor, the agency clarified, “It is not true that Park Min Young received a large amount of money from the other party. Her older sister has also handed in a notice to resign as an outside director.”

Park Min Young, who broke the silence after two days of the dating rumor, set out to defend her image by drawing a line with Kang. However, she has virtually admitted that they dated. Moreover, due to the delay in explanation, the public does not believe that she has actually cut him off. 

park min young

Although she strongly denied receiving money from Kang, Park Min Young’s explanation is still unclear because the fact that her sister was registered as an outside director in a company related to Kang was the same as receiving monetary benefits. 

Currently, tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Love in Contract,” which Park Min Young is starring in, is also inevitably affected. Attention is focused on how Park Min Young, who is known as the K-drama “rom-com queen” and has been receiving great love from the public, will deal with this controversy.

Source: daum

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