NewJeans’ Haerin’s Pictorial Receives Mixed Reactions: “A Kid Playing With Mom’s Makeup”

A recent pictorial of NewJeans’ Haerin with Dior Beauty is drawing mixed reaction 

On December 5, fashion magazine W Korea released a pictorial featuring NewJeans’ Haerin and luxury brand Dior Beauty. 

In this photoshoot, Haerin looks as beautiful as ever as she makes various chic poses. However, many netizens believe that her youthful aura doesn’t match Dior’s somewhat more “mature” and “regal” vibes. 

Particularly, a topic titled “Haerin looks like a kid secretly playing with mom’s makeup” was published on the Korean forum Instiz, garnering attention. 

Under the comment section of this topic, most netizens agree that Haerin is extremely pretty, but ill-fitted for the photoshoot’s concept. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • She just looks like a kid. Maybe the concept is about a kid playing with mom’s makeup?
  • Haerin’s face is similar to that of baby…
  • From her eyes, nose, mouth, to face-shape.. How come she looks so perfect like that?
  • Haerin is pretty for sure, but she’s ill-fitted for the concept. The 2nd concept looks a little better but the 1st one is too much
  • This makeup look just doesn’t suit her. She would look much more beautiful with more natural and brighter makeup. 
  • They are trying too hard to make her look mature, it’s obvious. Haerin is still gorgeous though
  • What are you guys talking about? Dior fits Haerin like a glove
  • She’s already to beautiful at a young age, I’m look forward to seeing her in her 20s. 

Source: Instiz

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