Kim Jong Kook “I was scolded by Jang Hyuk’s wife for an hour”

Kim Jong Kook revealed the story of being scolded by Jang Hyuk’s wife.

Park Sung Woong and Park Sun Ho appeared as guests on KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House”, which aired on June 28th.

Kim Jong Kook

Park Sun Ho talked about Park Sung Woong, “When the CEO of the movie company or acquaintances say ‘I’m watching actress Shin Eun Jung (Park Sung Woong’s wife)’s drama. She’s so pretty’, senior (Park Sung Woong) replies, ‘Of course. Our Eun Jung is pretty.’ He’s really a passionate lover.

Kim Jong Kook

When Lee Chan Won asked Park Sun Ho if he had ever witnessed a couple fight between Park Sung Woong and Shin Eun Jung, Park Sung Woong said, “When you get married for 15 years, you just get in trouble. We confronted each other once, and I felt so bad. What would she say if she watched this broadcast?

Jung Hyung Don asked, “Have you ever taken your friends home suddenly?” Park Sung Woong firmly replied, “Absolutely not.

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook then revealed, “In the past, Jang Hyuk suddenly asked me to go to his house, so I went there thinking it was okay, but I got scolded for an hour.”

When Kim Sook said “We usually take our friends home when we’re confident“, Kim Jong Kook shared, “He was completely confident. After drinking a few beers, he said his house was okay. His wife is older than us. I had a hard time. I was scolded a lot then.

Source: Daum

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