Kim Hee Chul about marriage, “I’ll hold my wedding at Jamsil Main Stadium”

40-year-old idol, Super Junior Kim Hee Chul, revealed his thoughts on marriage.

Super Junior Kim Hee Chul guested on the July 17th broadcast of KBS HappyFM’s “Song Jin Woo’s Brave Radio”.

That day, Song Jin Woo told Kim Hee Chul, “I saw an article in which you said you planned to get married in 2028”. In response, Kim Hee Chul confessed, “Isn’t it too late?”, adding “I should get married, but I don’t think I can do it. I have no confidence in myself about that.”

kim hee chul

Kim Hee Chul continued, “Jinwoo is younger than me but he’s doing well and I envy him. It’s a natural thing that we have to take responsibility for our family, but just because it’s natural, it doesn’t mean we can obviously do it well. In the past, I used to say, ‘Ah, I don’t want to get married’ or ‘I’m too lazy to get married’. But seeing the statistics showing the declining birth rate, I realized that I can’t just talk about getting married like that. Now I will rather say ‘I don’t think I can get married’. Because the birth rate has decreased too much”.

When asked, “Do you have any image of your marriage?”, Kim Hee Chul replied, “I want to make it big. I’ve spent too much money on wedding congratulatory gifts for the past 18 years”, adding “I’m thinking of holding a wedding outdoors on a nice day. I want to do it at Jamsil Main Stadium or Sangam World Cup Stadium”.

Source: Daum

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