Kim Euna (The Ark) is going to marry her 12-year-older lover, her old member Lee Su Ji congratulated, ‘Wish you all the best”

Kim Euna’s wedding invitation has been released to the public.

On September 30, Lee Su Ji posted on her Instagram, saying, “I still can’t forget the 2-year-old Euna unnie I met when I was 16 ♥ I finally be able to see lovely Yuna unnie’s beautiful wedding ♥”

kim euna

She also delivered her congratulation, “I knew you would be the first person to get married among us. I will pray for your happy wedding that is full of blessings ♥ I love you”

In the video that Lee Su Ji posted, the invitation for the wedding of Kim Euna and her 12-year-older husband, Andy, was released. The pictorials with beautiful kiss scenes of the couple also attracted great attention.

The wedding ceremony of Kim Euna and her 12-year-older lover will take place at a church in the U.S on November 14. In a recent exclusive interview with Expo News in May, she said that she met her delicate and faithful soon-to-be groom when she returned to the U.S in 2019 for study.

kim euna

Meanwhile, Lee Su Ji and Kim Euna knew each other as they were members of a girl group called The Ark. The Ark debuted in 2015 and disbanded in 2016, only one year after the group was formed. Lee Su Ji made her re-debut in a project girl group UNI.T in 2018.

Source: Nate

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