The reason why BTS Jin apologized to BTS Suga, who looked skin and bone

BTS once again showed their strong friendship despite having no group activities 

On August 7th, BTS member Suga posted several photos of him on his personal SNS with the caption “Let’s say hello first”.

In the published photos, Suga can be seen taking a trip down his memory lane as he visited his old schools – Taejeon Elementary School and Gwaneum Middle School in Daegu. The male idol was also dressed in a full black outfit consisting of a short-sleeved T-shirt, shorts, and a matching cap. 

Looking at Suga’s picture, BTS Jin left a comment saying, “Why are you so skinny? You were deposited pocket money, buy a meal”, to which Suga replied, “I checked my account and nothing came in?”

In the end, Jin apologized, saying “I’m sorry” and both laughed together. 

Previously in June, BTS released their anthology album “Proof” and the title song “Yet To Come”. The group is now entering their 2nd phrase, where members focus more on individual schedules. 

Source: nate

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