KBS weekend dramas fail to overcome crisis due to repeated content 

Despite changes in actors and content, the performance of KBS2 weekend dramas is still sluggish

KBS2 weekend dramas have been struggling with crisis for more than a year. Apart from “Young Lady and Gentleman”, which starred Ji Hyun Woo and ended in March last year with a high rating of 38.2%, the following series have not made any remarkable achievements.


In particular, “It’s Beautiful Now”, “Three Bold Siblings” and “The Real Has Come!” failed to exceed 30%. “It’s Beautiful Now” marked the first time in seven years since “Bluebird’s House” (2015) that KBS2 weekend dramas fell under the 30% rating level. The situations of the other two dramas, “Three Bold Siblings” and “The Real Has Come!”, were even worse. They not only failed to maintain their ratings in the 20% but also dropped to the 10%, damaging the pride of KBS2 dramas, which are known for the tradition of attracting “solid viewers” and “solid ratings”. 


One of the reasons for this crisis is repeated content. “Three Bold Siblings” and “The Real Has Come!” made viewers feel bored as they all revolve around issues such as secrets of birth and genetic tests. All the possible drama twists and provocative materials, such as secrets of birth, extramarital scandals, memory loss after accidents, fake time limits, genetic tests, etc., were used in “Three Bold Siblings” but they didn’t work and even resulted in disadvantages. 


The most recent one “The Real Has Come!” depicts a fake contractual romance between a single mother and an unmarried man and deals with family issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare. As expected, ‘secret of birth’ and ‘genetic test’ cards were pulled out once again.

The fact that these weekend dramas kept repeating such topics and developments for more than seven weeks of their broadcast made viewers tired so they had to change the channel.

“The Real Has Come!” is about to end but it’s not easy for it to surpass 30% now. Therefore, drama fans are raising hope for the follow-up work “Live Your Own Life”, starring UEE, to bring a change.

Source: Nate

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