KBS Continues To Ban Controversial Celebrities Even In New Year: Ravi, Kim Sae-ron & Yoo Ah-in

According to Star News on January 4th, KBS’s broadcasting ban on Ravi, Kim Sae-ron, Shin Hye-sung and Yoo Ah-in, which was implemented last year, has not been lifted even in the new year. As a result, it won’t be easy for them to appear on KBS broadcasts this year.

First of all, Yoo Ah-in, whose appearance on KBS was temporarily banned in March last year, continued to be restricted earlier this year. KBS made the decision because Yoo Ah-in is still on trial for his drug allegations.

yoo ah in

Ravi, who appeared in court last year on charges of evading military service, is still temporarily banned from KBS broadcasts because his trial is still underway. 

KBS also imposed temporary restrictions on Kim Rae-ron and Shin Hye-sung in April last year. The two won’t be able to show up on KBS programs unless the broadcasting station lifts the ban. Both Kim Sae-ron and Shin Hye-sung sparked controversies over drunk driving. The two have received punishments for their wrongdoings.

Kim Sae-ron

In addition, the broadcast ban on Don Spike, Ha Jung-woo and B.I have not been lifted. Kwak Do-won, who caused a stir with his drunk driving incident, is also temporarily restricted from appearing on KBS programs.

According to KBS officials, KBS has not lifted the broadcast ban for any celebrities on the list even for temporarily restricted ones.

KBS considers acts of causing social controversies with illegal and immoral behaviors, such as military service evasion, fraud, gambling, sexual crimes, drug use, and other civil and criminal charges, as subjects for broadcasting appearance regulatory review. 

Source: Daum

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