Lee Dong Hwi apologized to Ryu Jun Yeol for calling “Jung Pal” trash

Actor Lee Dong Hwi apologized to “Reply 1988” co-star Ryu Jun Yeol after international fans thought they fight.

Recently, actor Lee Dong Hwi played the role of Yang Jung Pal, an incorrigible character, in Disney+’s original series “Big Bet”.

However, the nickname of Ryu Jun Yeol‘s character, Kim Jung Hwan, in the hit tvN drama “Reply 1988”, is also “Jung Pal”.

Lee Dong-hwi

The similar name eventually caused confusion, as shared by Lee Dong Hwi in a recent interview with Herald POP at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. According to the actor, he even received a phone call from “Reply 1988: director Shin Won Ho.

On this day, Lee Dong Hwi recalled, “I have to apologize to Ryu Jun Yeol. Director Shin Won Ho called me after I uploaded a post saying that ‘Jung Pal’ is trash.

He also added, “Kim Jung Hwan’s nickname is ‘Jung Pal’, so overseas fans thought I fought with Ryu Jun Yeol. Director Shin Won Ho was also worried. He asked me, ‘There’s nothing wrong, right?’

Lee Dong-hwi

He emphasized, “After that, I changed the caption into ‘Yang Jung Pal is the real trash man’. ‘Yang Jung Pal’ is a real name while ‘Jung Pal’ of ‘Kim Jung Hwan’ is a nickname, but the stronghold of ‘Reply 1988’ was amazing.

Meanwhile, “Big Bet” tells the story of Cha Mu Sik, who rises to the top as a casino kingpin in the Philippines but experiences unfortunate events. After being charged for a murder that he did not commit, he faces the ultimate bet with his life on the line to get back in the game.

Source: Nate

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