Kanye West just followed Baekhyun, fans hurriedly responded: “Please don’t collaborate”

With the scandals of Kanye West, EXO fans are asking their idol Baekhyun not to cooperate with Kanye West for fear of being involved.

It’s no longer a rare thing to hear and watch the collaboration between K-pop and US-UK artists. From G-Dragon, BTS, Black Pink to Red Velvet and many other K-Pop artists have had some songs and collabs with international stars.

It’s not wrong to say that the world is open to K-pop. Or from the perspective of a Kpop fan, Kpop is gradually expanding its wave to the American market … This must be a good thing, right?

Still, cooperation with anyone is fun, except for Kanye West. The fans of EXO recently discovered a shocking move which made the fans both worried and happy at the same time. However, they seemed to worry more.

Among 147 people that the famous rapper in the world and the prince of fashion empire Yeezy Kanye West follows on Twitter, people suddenly found a Kpop idol Byun Baekhyun – a member of EXO.

If they do not know each other, there is no project to do together and nothing happens, then why follow each other on the social network right? Especially these two famous stars.

Hiding behind the following button would be a story.

Is this a deliberate release of something that is about to happen? A new collab in SM Station‘s music project? Or is it just fashion?
Fashion would be fine since Kanye turned the world upside down with his fashion. If it is a music project, please excuse the idol because Kanye West is a rapper with tons of scandals involving not respecting children, women … Kanye West‘s scandalous image and the Kim family are famous all over the world, therefore, fans worried about Baekhyun will be involved as well. In this harsh Korean entertainment world, fear is reasonable.

This is the feeling of EXO-L to see international stars follow their idol on Twitter. Unlike other groups, when seeing such moves, fans are happy because of the world’s attention. Yet since it’s Kanye West rather than anyone else…

The response of EXO fans when seeing Kanye West follow Baekhyun on Twitter:

  • “I hope that they won’t collaborate. You don’t know how scandalous he is. US-UK fans can’t stand him. If you haven’t understood the situation, just know that ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ by Taylor is for him”
  • “I don’t like this guy. There was a scandal of him wanting to sleep with his wife’s sister or something back then? Moreover, with SM’s style, SM would prefer someone who has a clean image. He must have followed Baekhyun because Baekhyun is cute or work in the fashion industry as well. Don’t speculate too much.”

Source: K14

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